Membership Price’s

Manufactured Housing Community Membership – The cost is $10 per space plus $25 local dues, and $75 state dues per year.

Associate Membership is $400 per year.


MHCW Asks You To Weigh the Benefits!!

Manufactured Housing Communities of Washington (MHCW) is an association dedicated to promoting and strengthening the manufactured housing community industry in our state. Your voice is heard each legislative session, through a proactive legislative advocacy program. Regularly scheduled seminars and local unit meetings provide an excellent opportunity to get together and discuss solutions to common problems. Educational opportunities, specifically designed manuals and forms, a toll-free hotline, access to the association attorney, and many other advantages are available to our membership. Use the links to the left to explore all of the benefits MHCW has to offer you and your community and see why you should become a member.

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Attorney Hotline:

MHCW provides attorney consultation as a service to its members. The hotline is
designed to provide general guidance on Landlord-Tenant Act issues that can be
answered briefly over the phone. The association’s counsel, Walt Olsen, has been
deeply involved in the industry for many years and is an excellent source for
information and guidance. We do ask that you first call the state office for referral to the hot line.

Toll Free Hotline:

The staff of MHCW is as near as your phone for assistance on individual
problems. Call 1-360-753-8730


MHCW prepares the latest, up-to-date forms, written especially for
Washington communities. These include annual and monthly leases, RV storage,
notices for rules violations, and non-payment of rent, eviction and many others.
These are constantly updated to insure compliance with new state and federal
laws and regulations. These are available on MHCW’s website FREE to members only.

Agency Representation:

MHCW represents your interest before government agencies such as the
Department of Health, Labor & Industries, Attorney General Dispute Resolution, and HUD. The state staff has regular
meetings with resident representative and the State Office of Manufactured
Housing to discuss issues and concerns.

Manuals and Bulletins:

The membership manual is a great reference source. It includes information on
the association, a copy of the Landlord-Tenant Act, sample forms, legal updates
and targeted management bulletins. The bulletins contain down-to-earth
information on a variety of issues such as community rules, the eviction process,
resident screening, “surprise tenants” and other timely topics.

Legislative Alerts and Surveys:

These alerts and surveys keep members informed and serve to insure their
concerns are addressed in the legislature. There is truly strength in numbers.

Quarterly Newsletter:

The Eye On Olympia, newsletter is a first rate publication, with information on
legislative issues, MHCW activities, legal developments, insurance advice and
news from the industry around the country.

Local Unit Meetings:

Every community is a member of a local unit, which meets regularly and has a
representative on the MHCW Board of Directors. These local meetings are a
prime source of information for participants. It is a great opportunity to share
information and solutions to common problems.

Management Education:

A wide variety of seminars, meetings, and written materials provide for ongoing
education for both owners and managers. Industry professionals cover a wide
variety of topics and are available to answer your specific questions.


Your voice is heard in the legislature. Four paid lobbyists act as year round
advocates for the manufactured housing communities. In addition, MHCW state officers and staff press your issues with legislators and testify on your behalf.

WEB Page:

MHCW is now online with legislative information, FREE forms with your membership,
management advice, frequently asked questions, government agency links, calendar with upcoming MHCW events and much more. Visit us at .

Property Rights:

Through the MHCW Committee to Protect Property Rights (CPPR), your rights
as owners are protected and may be advanced through the courts. MHCW has
contributed to the legal costs of members, when the issue was deemed to effect all
members and the situation provides promise of success. Several significant
victories have been the direct result of support from MHCW’s legal defense fund.

Coalitions with other organizations to achieve common goals:

MHCW will enter into issue-oriented coalitions with other organizations to
achieve common goals. Mutual support of legislation with the Apartment
Associations and other groups is prime example of this effort.