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MHCW Fall Training


TRAINING: In addition to all those receiving training on the law and other practical management matters at the convention, we had very good attendance, with 159 coming to our fall sessions. We held them at six sites in Spokane, Richland, Sequim, Vancouver, Federal Way, and Everett.

We could not have offered the sessions for so reasonable a fee, if not for the generosity of members who let us use their facilities free of charge. We thank the owners and managers of the following communities: Contempo Spokane, Richland MHP, Lazy Acres, Creekside Estates, Belmor Golf & Country and Lago De Plata.

We had great sessions and very positive feedback from those attending.  Marlene Kaplan provided sessions on Resident Relations, Community management issues.

Our training program is pretty well established, but there is always room for improvement. Members have asked for some additional opportunities throughout the year.

As a result, we plan to add some classes at times and places the current program has not frequented, We will still offer the core program, although we might trim a little from the fall lineup, so we do not burn out our presenters.