Legislative Fact Sheet Thursday, February 2, 2017

Legislative Fact Sheet

Thursday, February 2


  1. Manufactured Housing Communities – SB 5615/HB 1846

Allows manufactured housing communities in areas outside of the urban growth areas for the purpose of providing affordable housing, if the area utilities allow communities to function without additional resources. (Senators Sheldon, Padden, Fortunato, Hobbs, Warnick, and Wilson. Representatives Griffey, Barkis, Stokesbary, Haler, and Hargrove)

STATUS SB:  Referred to Local Government on January 31

STATUS HB:  Referred to Environment (Unofficially) on February 1

  1. Modifying rental agreements upon renewal- HB 1720

For one year leases, requires landlords to provide three months notice of revisions to the rental terms and conditions. Requires the landlord to provide 12 month notice of intent not to renew or the actual expiration date (Representative Shea)

STATUS HB: Referred to Judiciary (Unofficially) on January 27

  1. Attorney General Dispute Resolution Workshop
    1. Program staff attended several events organized by tenants and landlords and provided information about the Program and RCW 59.20. These events were very successful and the Program intends to continue them into the next reporting period.
    2. The Program does not have recommendations for legislation during the 2017 Legislative Session but may consider legislative changes in the future should the need arise.


  1. Mobile Home Park Closures – SB 5520/ HB 1514

Requiring a minimum of three years’ notice on closures or conversions of mobile home parks and manufactured housing communities. (Senators Kuderer, McCoy, Chase, Saldana, Keiser, Hunt, Rolfes, and Frockt; Representatives Robinson, McBride, Pellicciotti, Orwall, Macri, Ormsby, Gregerson, Kloba, Pollet, Appleton, Bergquist, Tharinger, Clibborn, Farrell, and Dolan)

STATUS SB: Referred to Financial Institutions & Insurance on January 26

STATUS HB:  Public Hearing in the House Committee on Judiciary at 8 a.m. on February 1st

  1. Source of Income Discrimination – SB 5407/HB 1633

The bill would prevent discrimination in housing decisions based on a prospective tenant’s source of income. Essentially makes a Section 8 voucher holders a protected class for housing across the state.

(Senators Frockt, Miloscia, Walsh, Mullet, Billig, Kuderer, Pedersen, Hasegawa, Darnielle, and Keiser; Representatives Riccelli, Kirby, Macri, Frame, Goodman, Kagi, Peterson, Jinkins, Ormsby, Kloba, Senn, Stonier, Stanford, Appleton, Robinson, McBride, Doglio, Pollet, Santos)

STATUS SB:  Public Hearing in the Senate Committee on Financial Institutions & Insurance at 8 a.m. on January 31.

STATUS HB:  Referred to Judiciary (Unofficially) on January 25

  1. Sale of Mobile Home Parks — SB 5627/1798

Addresses the sale of manufactured/mobile home communities. Extends the real estate excise tax exemption for qualified sales of a manufactured/mobile home community.

(Senators Kuderer, Hunt, Saldana, and Keiser ; Representatives McBride, Gregerson, Robinson, Appleton, Ormsby, Macri, McDonald, Orwall, Reeves, Kagi, Sells, Bergquist, and Pollet)

STATUS SB: Referred to Financial Institutions & Insurance on February 1

STATUS HB: Referred to Judiciary (Unofficially) on January 30